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The tech giant "Apple" is recruiting freelancers for the company's development of mapping services. Apple Maps, launched in 2012, has not been able to attract a lot of attention to users, as far as Apple is concerned. Many iPhone users are using Google Maps instead of Apple Maps. People can not rely on the exact location of Apple's own created map. And Apple is recruiting the freelancer staff to make the mapping service more credible.

These freelance activists will search different places in Apple Maps and verify their address and correct them if they are wrong. Apple is giving an average of 54 cents (half a dollar) to verify each address. Macriumors said it would take a few minutes to give an entry like this.

In this project named 'training', a freelancer can work up to 20 hours per week. Or, for one person, maximum 600 entries can be given in the week.

However, to work in the freelancing project to fix Apple's map, a page of the freelancer's 200 page must be read, so that the rules of the project are mentioned.

And anyone could not join in apple for this job. Because Apple has not given any notice on their site. Rather, the company took contractual workers through third-party freelancing suppliers.

If you want to work in Apple Freelance, find out in the or freelancer marketplace, such an established freelancing marketplace, whether there are jobs related to a mapping. Who knows, maybe you can get a chance to work for the Apple company!

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Did you hear about

Apr 26, 2017
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Did you hear The site was established in 1996-97. So today's Google search engine was not available that time. In those contemporary times, Internet users could find useful information on the site, Yahoo, etc. In this Google era, you may not have noticed the existence of Of course, this is not your fault at all. While the site's CEO Neil Vogel does not look at himself at!

Today's is not very popular as like it was before. The site has unique content, but not much visitors as expecting CEO of the site. Besides, he is not thinking about the news about keeping track of other businesses. And that's why it's time to say goodbye which was one of the popular website. In present Alexa rank is 1103, traffic rank in USA 1365 and PA 91 and DA 89.

Neil Vogel, CEO of, recently said in an interview that there is only one way to let the site go to down, and that is to close the site.

Neil Vogel said he is not much worried about the site. To keep up its popularity it's required to close the site. Just a few days later, the date of the May 2 will be closed be by the contents of the site there will open few niche site, but is permanently ended.

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 Google map is a great way to find unknown location instantly through the android smartphone google map app or via web. After a longtime turning out, most likely, but finally, Google stated that Maps is receiving a real-time location sharing feature.Within the next few days, google map globally will be able to share where they are in real time on smartphone operating both Google's Android operating system and Apple's iOS software, Google said.

By this feature, google map user will be able to share their location directly inside Maps, directly, including navigation routes.

The feature is dead simple to use: certainly, there's a new feature in the slideout bar in the Maps application for location sharing. From there, select contacts to share your location with and for how long (or indefinitely). That's it - you'll then show up as a little face-bubble in their Google Maps application. You can easily share with groups of people, and you also launch the share directly from the navigation UI while driving car.

Basically, The location-sharing feature is aimed at assisting people to find each other in crowded places, just like concerts and conferences, as well as people, will retain control over who they people share their whereabouts with and for exactly how long, stated Google executive Jen Fitzpatrick, who leads Google Maps.

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For the last a few week, some Pixel and Pixel XL users have reported that Bluetooth on their smartphone arbitrarily shuts down. The issue seemingly started in February after that month's security patch and also has persisted through this month's update. However, according to Google, the problem has now been remedied server-side.

An official thread on Pixel User Online community noted on February 23 that "The team has identified a fix, and it will be rolling out in an upcoming release." As of March 14, Google updated which "the fix is still scheduled to roll out soon"

Earlier today, another Googler published in the thread that the trouble has been fixed with "some server-side changes."

I simply got word that Google has just finished placing a solution in place for this issue on our end-- no downloads or even updates to your devices or applications are needed.

We 'd appreciate to hear responses from this group. In case you have a chance to check your Bluetooth connection, please let us know how it goes.

It's likely that the change in question is an update to Google Play services. Version 10.5.x is presently presenting with the Play Store listing an update on March 21. Updates to Play services arise fairly progressively as well as may take a few days to fully reach everyone.

This Bluetooth issue does not appear to affect all Pixel owners, but those who have experienced it report Bluetooth sporadically disabling itself and turning back on quickly after. As such, this has resulted in aggravating pauses when streaming audio to wireless headphones and cars.

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