iPhone 7: Should You Opt For The Upgrade

An all-new iPhone 7 has already stepped into the market and numberless people are still confused about making an upgrade, especially from its immediate predecessor, the iPhone 6S. If you happen to be one such individual, then you have landed on the right page. The below-mentioned information is going to help a great deal in this regard. There is no argument over the fact that an all-new iPhone 7 has a lot to offer in terms of hardware and software but is it really the best time to make the upgrade or should you perhaps wait for an iPhone 8 to hit the market? Let’s review the iPhone 7 briefly in order to make a consensus.


To begin with, we’d like you to have a brief overview of the features that an all-new iPhone 7 is supposedly going to offer:

  • A highly appreciable screen size of 4.7 inches for the iPhone 7 and 5.5 inches for the iPhone 7 Plus will be relied upon by Apple with its newest addition to the market.
  • Apple is relying on a widely accepted design of an iPhone 6S. While the iPhone 7 will be quite similar in appearance to its immediate predecessor, a newer model with thedramatically changed design is being rumored to hit the market somewhere in the year 2017.
  • iPhone 7 is being rumored to introduce a bigger and better camera that will provide the finest experience of photography with a smartphone to the customers. The iPhone 7 Plus is further going to incorporate the dual-camera-system.
  • Apple aims at bringing a revolution in the world of smartphones by completely removing the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack from its all-new iPhone 7 in order to kickstart the era of wireless headphones and Bluetooth devices.
  • The new iPhone 7 is going to utilize a technology that is very closely related to the one that is commonly used on the 3D touch screen. Using the technology, Apple has introduced its long-awaited pressure sensitive touch button
  • Owing to the larger storage requirements of the users, Apple is going to offer the iPhone 7 with a storage capacity ranging from 32GB to 256GB
  • A faster A10 processor running an all new iOS 10 that has a wide range of new and exciting features to offer.
  • Although it has not yet been confirmed, it is also being rumored that an all-new iPhone 7 is going to be completely water resistant with improved stereo speakers and enhanced battery life.

An all-new iPhone 7 will be running on the latest version of the operating system, the iOS 10. The operating system itself has a wide range of exciting features to offer which may include and are not confined to the capacity to delete or reinstall stock apps, beautiful typography, redesigned control center, hidden messages, quick actions, widgets in proactive screens, capacity to control your home appliances with your smartphone, new animations and folder view, categories tab, a new keyboard sound, built-in bedtime features such as the clock app with a dark mode, storage optimization, 3D touch, a built-in capacity to search from the notification center and many more.

Major Selling Points:

While an Apple iPhone 7 has a lot to offer, its major selling point has to be the utilization of Sapphire glass that is much more durable than gorilla glass and is absolutely compatible with the large 4.7-inch display, along with the use of liquid metal for suspension which happens to be stronger yet smaller than aluminum enabling the brand to make its large screen smartphones lighter and dainty. Moreover, a 14-nanometer design for the processor chip makes it smaller yet more productive and powerful. Combine it with supposedly the finest camera lens that the world of smartphones has ever witnessed, and you have yourself a brilliant treat from Apple Inc.

With the continuous advancements in the world of technology, it is only understandable that the thrill and excitement associated with purchasing a new smartphone isn’t as strong as it used to be. If you are a current owner of an iPhone 6 or perhaps an iPhone 6S and you look at your phone, you hold it in your hand and think that it is reasonably handy, the primary reason is because it really is. The iPhone 6 and 6s were anamazing addition to the world of smartphones two years back when they first hit the market, and they still are reasonably great and compete well against all of the latest additions in the market.

Having said that, however, and considering the information mentioned above, it is only fair to conclude that an all-new Apple iPhone 7 has a wide range of new features to offer both in terms of Hardware and Software. Such a list of new and exciting additions to the iPhone 7 certainly makes it worth the upgrade. But the real question is whether you should make the upgrade right now or perhaps wait for the iPhone 8 to hit the market. Unfortunately, there is no absolute answer to the aforementioned questions. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whether or not you can afford to make an upgrade. If budget isn’t exactly your concern and you won’t have to save for a few months before you can afford an iPhone 7, then making an upgrade is going to be worthwhile and rest assured, you won’t have to be disappointed in making the decision of opting for an iPhone 7. However, if you are concerned about the kind of money that you will have to spend on an iPhone 7 and you happen to be a light to moderate smartphone user, it would perhaps be a great idea to stick to your iPhone 6 or 6S for now and wait for the iPhone 8 to step into the market since the iPhone 8 will offer palpable differences as compared to your iPhone 6/6S and it will be an upgrade which will be much more exciting and thrilling for you than opting for an iPhone 7 right away. 

Battle of the iPhones: iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6

Recently, iPhone 7 hit the markets and die hard apple fans marveled as the new edition brought it with specifications and features that they had been waiting for. While many were thoroughly overjoyed by new apple iPhone, others raged about how iPhone 6 was clearly the better phone in terms of design, usability, and features. The iPhone 7 is supposed to outsell itspredecessor; however, while it might be too soon to say anything, the sales do not look great.Should you be upgrading to the new phone? Let’s find out, it’s a battle of iPhones, and both the contenders look pretty strong.

Design and dimension:

When it comes to apple iPhones, not a lot of change occurs in the overall design, however, there seems to be an almost obvious change in design between the iPhone 7 and 6S.  The greatest difference is in the headphones from which jack has been removed. Not many are thrilled about this change and they feel the change greatly compromises on the aesthetics of the phone, however, Apple states that the change in design would greatly improve the workability of the headphones and since they are wireless now, a jack seemed almost unnecessary. This bold step seems to originate from Apple’s endeavors to advance standards, claiming that this new leap will allow users to not only listen to music but also charge their phone easily simultaneously. This new move is already looking unpopular with the masses, even though Apple has included a 3.5mm lightning adapter in the box. It’s still too soon to say whether sales would plummet due to this change. In terms of size, iPhone 7 is only slightly larger than its ancestors and looks quite sleek and stylish. The smoothness and colors are intriguing, however, not that different from previous versions.  Perhaps if iPhone creators had invested a little in introducing novel colors, even if they did not deviate from their metallic collection, the new phone would have gathered quite an audience. The new line includes colors like Rose, Gold, silver and black, while space gray has been discarded. Here is the dimension breakdown of iPhone 6S and iPhone 7, virtually identical!

  • iPhone 7 - 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in) and 138 g (4.87 oz)
  • iPhone 6S - 138.3 x 67.1 x 7.1 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.28 in) and 143 g (5.04 oz)


While the design might not have swayed us, the features surely will. This is the first time Apple has introduced water resistant phones that can be submerged underwater for nearly 30 minutes. Moreover, the durability of this phone is the toughest with the power of nearly 7000 aluminum as with iPhone 6S, however, Apple has also incorporated IP67 dust and water resistance for a greater protection level. For people, the water resistance is enough to invest in an Apple phone, despite Samsung and other rivals continuously producing waterproof phones for the last few years or so.

Other features have also been improved; the home button has shifted to a touch sensitive surface with a haptic feedback. This will allow custom feedback patterns and would improve the phone’s usability overall. Antenna bands from the back have been removed and this is giving a fresher look. The speaker has been joined into the earpiece so the users can listen to clean audio with zero interruptions.

Display and performance

Moving on to the Graphics, Apple has been shifting up the game with its Retina Display, however, with its recent phone, the LED, and 750p, the colors, and graphics have been exploded into a wonderful array of display design. Even Apple seems to think they have outdone themselves. This change surely cannot be matched up with rivals such as Samsung.

The speed of the phone is bullet proof, extremely quick; however, this part has not been advertised well by the company. While there hasn’t been a RAM upgrade, it doesn’t look like apple phones really need one. The 50% boost in 4G speed and improvement in Touch ID seem like great improvements.

Overall, it seems the new iPhone is quite similar to the old iPhone 6S, however, with features such as water resistance and improvements in speed; It is definitely worth the investment. Although it might seem a little waste of money for people who currently own a 6S, perhaps the new phone is a better upgrade for people who own different phones or lower versions of the iPhone!

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Samsung Galaxy S8: Here’s A Sneak Peek Into What It Will Look Like

There is no argument over the fact that Samsung is a brand name that builds some of the highest selling, premium smartphones available in the market every year. Having said that, it should go without saying that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is currently one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017. While there has not been an official update regarding the appearance and features of the smartphone, how would you like to take a sneak peek at least a month before you are supposed to see the actual phone? If so, then you have landed on the right page.

Here it is. An all-new Samsung Galaxy S8, a picture that has been leaked by Evan Blass, a name that you perhaps have heard a lot in the world of smartphone leaks since the professional leaker is involved in almost all of the major smartphone leaks from all over the world. This is what somewhat adds to the credibility of the leak for those of you who saw the given picture of the Samsung Galaxy S8 with sheer cynicism.
As evident from the picture, the Samsung Galaxy S8 certainly looks like a Galaxy phone that has been redesigned and improved. While there are no physical buttons available at the bottom of the screen, the wrap-around screen as observed in its predecessor is clearly visible in the picture. In hopes of improving the single hand usage, Samsung has apparently decided to reduce the bezel both at the top of the screen as well as at the bottom of it.

It is indispensable to mention here, however, that information regarding the software of the smartphone as well as its casing has not been made available by the professional leaker, Mr. Evan Blass. But it is to be kept in mind that there is still a month before the phone finally hits the market which means an ample amount of time for the professional leakers to come up with further information regarding an all new Samsung Galaxy S8.
The timing of the leak, as well as the original release of the smartphone, is quite interesting this year, to say the least. For the previous three flagship Galaxy models, Samsung chose the Mobile World Congress to be an event for the launch. This year, however, two of the latest tablets only were introduced in the market in MWC 2017 while it was made public that Samsung will hold a dedicated event towards the end of March in NYC for the launch of Galaxy S8. It won’t be wrong to state that while Samsung did manage to keep the charm of MWC 2017 with the introduction of two of its tablets, a significant part of it was lost since the most anticipated smartphone of 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 was not released. This is all that has been leaked about the Galaxy S8 so far. We’ll keep your posted if anything else comes up. Until then, all eyes on the original release of the smartphone in the international market.

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Why Nokia 3310 useless for USA, Canada, Australia and Canada

There have been rumors regarding the launch of Nokia 3310 for quite some time now and it was at the MWC 2017 that the phone itself was revealed in Barcelona. Fortunately for Nokia, an all-new Nokia 3310 met with immediate admiration at the MWC 2017. While it offers a larger color display with a tweaked keyboard, the tradition of keeping the Nokia 3310 sturdy and an introduction of an amazingly long lasting battery has been revived. However, since HMD Global decided to make use of the old band frequencies, it is unfortunate that the all-new Nokia 3310 will not be usable for the fans in countries like Canada, USA, Singapore, and Australia.

900 MHz and 1800 MHz were two of the primary frequencies which are compatible with the original Nokia 3310 that was introduced a couple of decades ago. Compatibility with the aforementioned frequencies on the GSM network was understandable at that time since the only connection available to the consumer was a 2G connection. However, with an introduction of 3G and 4G connections, the aforementioned frequencies are no longer active in certain parts of the world including the USA, Australia, Canada, and Singapore. HMD Global deciding to stick to such frequencies, nonetheless, implies that it doesn’t consider these to be the major markets for the all-new Nokia 3310.

It is to be further intimated that while countries like USA, Australia, and Canada have already shunned the support for 2G network connectivity, Singapore is destined to join the league in April of 2017. Major telecom companies from around the world including Telstra, Optus, and Vodafone has already announced its non-compatibility with the 2G connections. With the launch of even newer operators like Reliance Jio, even 3G networks are not supported and the subscriber must own a 4G compatible smartphone in order to make use of the network connectivity.

There are four major band frequencies which are supposed to be compatible with the phone under discussions in order for it to operable all over the world. Such band frequencies include 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, and 1900 MHz. Since an all-new Nokia 3310 is compatible with only two of these frequencies, you are not going to be able to make use of your Nokia phone provided that you decide to travel to one of such regions that are not compatible with the 900 or 1800 MHz frequency bands. Neither will your Nokia 3310 will keep you connected with your friends and family in such regions, nor will it be of any use other than capturing low-resolution pictures or playing games all day long with a lasting battery.

This is exactly why HMD Global has already announced that the major markets being targeted with an all-new Nokia 3310 include the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe. It is to be kept in mind, however, that Nokia may decide to introduce a support for other band frequencies in order to launch the phone in the unsupported regions at a later stage. So far, however, you will only be able to make use of the phone if you belong to these four regions.

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