Brand-new Nokia 3310 comes with one MAJOR skipping feature, and it won't be addressed before UK launch date

THE brand-new Nokia 3310 is really a great little feature mobile phone which recovers a lot of ideal traits of the iconic original. On the other hand, there is one remarkably vital feature lacking from the upgraded Nokia 3310-- as well as it's not planning to fixed ahead of the UK launch time.

The updated Nokia 3310 was among the biggest surprises from the Smartphone Industry Congress tradeshow this season.

Nokia's restored classic is really a lovely little EUR49 product which recovers most of the greatest features from the first Nokia 3310, that was launched some 17 years back, as well as continued to become among the biggest-selling devices to the Finnish technology company.

Nokia has actually created a variety of modifications to the brand-new Nokia 3310 to introduce it updated with rival devices, offering the add-on of a 2MP rear camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and also an overhauled Snake video game.

Nevertheless, HMD Global (the technology company which presently markets smartphones under the Nokia brand) skipped the chance to add one of the essential well-known features of modern smartphones-- WhatsApp.

The 2017 version of the Nokia 3310 performs ship with easy access to Twitter, as well email, but it does not permit consumers to use WhatsApp-- the 's most well-known instant messenger application.

That might prove to be a trouble for Nokia 3310 consumers.

The rugged develop quality in addition to the month-long backup battery life represent the Nokia 3310 a great alternate device when you don't wish to be carrying a smartphone-- it a festival.

Moreover, the truth that Nokia 3310 users are helpless to leap into their typical group discussions, and send notifications to relatives abroad without incurring the typical worldwide rates, might be a genuine sticking point for a number of nostalgic consumers.

WhatsApp, which is managed through Facebook (another major lack from the IM app), is easily the most preferred IM service in the industry.

The WhatsApp currently has more than 1 billion visitors who-- about approx.-- deliver some 42 billion messages in a day. spent some moment with the new Nokia 3310 in the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

You'll be relieved to listen to that the brand-new Nokia 3310 lives up to the renowned brand.

The feature phone is remarkably light, weighing within at 79.6 g, however even so really feels well-built in your hand.

Nevertheless, this is still to be viewed whether this refreshed 3310 mobile will be qualified of enduring the exact same rank of abuse which its 17-year-old predecessor was recognized for having the ability to make it through. No matter, this is a favorable sturdy feature mobile phone-- specifically offered its affordable EUR49 price.

Hammering out messages on the alphanumeric keyboard really feels terrific, that is excellent since the Nokia 3310 performs not have a touchscreen.

Nokia 6 Price, Specifications and Features

Gone are the days when people thought Nokia is out of the league of smartphones for real. While it did have a little setback, in hopes of its return, Nokia has already launched a trio of android smartphones which are primarily aimed at the market segment with a rather limited budget. The Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3 were initially launched in China and it won’t be wrong to claim that the smartphones were highly well received. While the pre-registrations of the Nokia 6 clocked at around 1.3 million, it didn’t take a lot of time for the demand of this smartphone to outnumber the supply.

Key Features And Specifications:

For anyone who is looking forward to what this affordable smartphone has to offer, let us accentuate a few of the key features and specifications of the Nokia 6. The smartphone offers a full HD 5.5-inch display. Since the top of the screen is coated with 2.5D gorilla glass, it is hardly unlikely for an average consumer to have any complaints regarding the screen. The smartphone offers 32 GB of internal storage and a Snapdragon 430 SoC processors that are coupled with 3 GM of RAM for the provision of impeccable performance. There is a separate China variant of the Nokia 6 that offers 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. The 3000mAh battery on the Nokia 6 is compatible with fast charging. The dual sim smartphone further offers a 16 megapixel of the primary camera coupled with an 8 megapixel of secondary camera. You can expect to experience Android Nougat on the Nokia 6 that further offers a fingerprint sensor for an additional layer of security, a USB 2.0 port for connectivity, a stereo speaker that is compatible with Dolby atmos audio enhancement as well.

Premium Version:

As stated earlier, the premium version of the Nokia 6 known as the Arte Black offers a stunning performance with a 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage. While the rest of the features and specifications are pretty much the same as you would find on the standard version, the glossy black body of the Arte Black is what makes it appear more premium and eye-catching than otherwise.


As mentioned above, the all-new Nokia 6 is a premium smartphone that is primarily targeted at the market segment with a confined budget. Therefore, Nokia has kept the base price of the phone remarkably lower than the competitor brands and their smartphones. The standard version of the Nokia is priced at €229 while the premium version or the Nokia 6 Premium Arte Black is priced at €299 in Europe. The price roughly translates to 239.75 USD  for the standard version and 314.67 USD for the premium variant.

In the light of the information mentioned above, it won’t be wrong to conclude that while it may be a little too soon to determine the extent to which Nokia 6 will be able to compete against its rivals, it is, however, fair to speculate that the competition is certainly going to be intense, to say the least.

Samsung S8

Mar 04, 2017
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Samsung S8

Samsung is one company customers love to invest in. The biggest rival to Apple, this company ensures quality, speed, and a smashing user experience. Releasing on March 29, Samsung 8 will change the tech industry. Or so we hope! After their disastrous S7, the customer base of Samsung started declining. Samsung apologized to millions of users and recalled 3 million explode-able Galaxy Note 7 phones. To regain their lost respect, Samsung is now announcing its new and improved Galaxy S8. Coming up with a comeback design isn’t easy, Huawei, Del, and LG, have all struggled with it, however,  Samsung has promised tremendous improvements to the design and internal devices, so we’re hoping for something great.

What we know about the device:

There are some points that we know for sure. We know that Samsung will reveal the phone on 29th march and it will be showcased in New York. We also know that that the scary eight-point battery has been revised, so we hopefully will not get more explosions. Samsung is also leaving out more space inside for the battery, while this is not the reason note 7 caught fire, there might be some tactic behind it.

In terms of design, there have been speculations that the phone might have a curvier design much like Edge series. This might be a gorgeous design, and this sleek and trendy look might earn back Samsung its lost reputation. Especially considering how Apple has put no new innovations in their phone’s design. However, just like Apple, Samsung might release two phones, S8 and S8 plus. This has been a recent tradition that competing companies have started employing. The plus series might have better hardware specs.

The first batch of sales may be 16 million units of Galaxy S8 phones. However, the company is anticipating a high demand from customers.  The face of this phone could account for 90% of the screen and might give full Vision, just like competitor LG. However, this rival is introducing an even larger display, so Samsung might be in for a surprise. There have been speculations that the S8 version would be 5.8 inches, while the plus would be 6.2 inches. These sizes are larger than Note 7. However, s8 might have a smaller footprint than Note 7 and even S8 plus.

What about AI assistant?

So finally Samsung is hoping on board the intelligence wagon. It is introducing Bixby, which is a digital assistant. Last year Samsung bought an AI startup, so good things can be imaged. Bixby may help users navigate the phone, operate apps, handle payments, call and message contacts and resolve inquiries. It might also be present in 7 different languages.

Say goodbye to home button

samsung s8 with out home button

There are speculations that Samsung is getting rid of the home button. It’s introducing a fingerprint reader instead. Moreover, it is including two rear cameras, which equate to better selfies for everyone. It’s retaining the beauty mode, so that’s definitely good news for everyone! From bigger batteries to the exclusive Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, Samsung may surprise us all this March!



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